Basic statistics for market research


The business world, in whatever area, from Human Resources to Marketing, can no longer base decision making and risk simply on the feeling and common sense of executives and organizational managers.

The complexity of society and markets presented today requires these agents to use accurate and powerful resources to minimize the potential risks of economic activity. In this context, it is possible to highlight the increasing use of informatics, method and statistical resources in organizations that aim to stand out as leading economic agents.

The exponential cheapening of these resources in recent years has led many companies to invest in this hardware (computers, statistical packages, Internet, databases) but less attention has been paid to humanware ie the individuals who will effectively draw from this technological arsenal. information and knowledge that will enable these organizations to lead in their segments. Without this humanware enhancement of very little value will be the investment made in the technological apparatus.

This course is intended to provide basic knowledge of tools and methods related to research and statistical data analysis to improve the use of powerful resources with a managerial view of how, and why to explore information and how to see in an “ocean”. ”Data that are effectively capable of promoting a competitive differential to the organization. Basic statistics for market research It is not intended to cover all the possibilities of statistical data analysis but to provide a consistent basis on which new skills can easily be built and developed. Welcome to the world of statistical data analysis !!!!

Marcus Vinicius da Cunha Junior, PhD Student - University of Florida

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