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Challenge 100

The king and the slaves

Difficulty level:

One king bought five slaves. Two of them, who always told the truth, had brown eyes, and the other three (blue-eyed) always lied. The five were arranged in a row.

The king should thus guess in what order they were willing, asking only three questions, one for each different slave.

The king approached the first and asked:
- "What color are your eyes?"

He answered in Chinese dialect, and the king understood nothing. There were only two questions left. He then asked the second slave:
- "What was the answer your mate just gave?"

The second slave said, "He said, my eyes are blue."

The third slave, located in the center of the row, was asked as follows:
"What color are the eyes of these two young men I just questioned?"

The third slave replied, "The first has brown eyes and the second has blue eyes."

In what order were the slaves according to the color of their eyes?