How to win in Lotofácil

Increasing your chances of winning in Lotofácil is possible even though it's a game of luck. Please note that if you make a simple 15 number bet, which costs $ 2.00, you will have the following odds of winning:

15 hits - 1 out of 3,268,760
14 hits - 1 out of 21,791
13 hits - 1 in 691

Of course, we know that the only 100% guaranteed way to win the maximum prize at Lotofácil is by making all possible bets. To bet all odds with the 25 numbers available, you would spend 3,268,760 * $ 2, which gives the value of $ 6,537,520.

Making all possible bets costs over $ 6.5 million

However, even if you have this amount left and you want to invest it in these bets, you are almost certain to lose a lot of money. For example, imagine the prize is accumulated at $ 8,000,000.00 (eight million). If you are the only one to hit the fifteen, great, you spent 6.5 and earned 8 million, so you pocketed about $ 1,500,000 overnight.

However, if anyone else gets the numbers right, you have to share the prize with them, which means that the $ 8 million can turn into $ 4 million (half), $ 2 million (one third) or even less. depending on the number of hitters. So, just one person who made a simple $ 2 bet would be lucky enough to hit you, leaving you with a million dollar loss.

How to improve the chances of winning?

Of course, in a universe of more than 3 million possible outcomes, if we think a little and look at the statistics from previous contests, we can eliminate a few thousand less likely outcomes.

For example, among the 15 numbers drawn, it is very rare for less than 5 even or less than 5 odd (this has only occurred in 1% of contests to date). We can go a little further: in almost 80% of the contests came out at least 6 even or 6 odd. So imagine that you make the following game:

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 08 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 24 - 25

Your chance of winning with this game is negligible (see, it's not impossible, but it would be very rare, because you only used 4 odd numbers).

As in Lotofácil there are 25 numbers (13 odd and 12 even), if we calculate all results involving only 4 odd numbers and 11 even (ie combination of 13 elements taken 4 to 4 times the combination of 12 elements taken 11 to 11 ), we would have:

Calculation performed by mathematical solver

Doing the multiplication we would have: C13,412,11= 715*12 = 8.580.

To calculate the opposite (4 even and 11 odd), we would have C12,413,11= 495*78 = 38.610.

Only in these two cases, adding the possible results would we have 8.580 + 38.610 = 47.190. That is, we would be eliminating more than 47,000 unlikely results. Of course, within a universe with more than 3 million possibilities, it's very little, but it's better than nothing.

If you go a little further and decide to discard also the results that have 5 odd and 10 odd, or 5 odd and 10 even (which usually show up around 20% of the contests), you will eliminate a few thousand more games. Look:

Calculation performed by mathematical solver

Adding the possible results in these two cases, we have 1287 * 66 + 792 * 286 = 311.454. That is, we would be eliminating over 311,000 less likely outcomes. Then things start to get better, right?

In addition to odd and even quantities, in order to increase the odds, people often look for other patterns in previous contests, such as:

- most drawn numbers to date
- later numbers (not drawn for longer)
- number of numbers repeated from one competition to another
- among other statistics

Also, for helping with this analysis, our Lotofácil simulator has been used by gamblers from all over Brazil. In addition to showing statistics, it allows the player to test their numbers to see if they have won any prizes in previous contests, as well as presenting an intelligent game generator.

Lotofácil Simulator of Only Mathematics

By tracking the results and statistics we publish weekly, the player can identify how often the latest numbers appear, see how many average numbers are repeated from one contest to another, and so on. All of this information helps you build a better bet.

Remembering that all these are just resources to help eliminate unlikely results, thus increasing the chances of winning a prize, although what you decide is really the gambler's luck. After all, Lotofácil is a lottery with over 3 million possible outcomes!