Yard (unit)

A yard is worth 91 centimeters or 0.9144 meters. King Henry I of England in the twelfth century fixed the yard as the distance between his nose and the thumb of his outstretched arm.

It is currently the basic length unit in measurement systems used in the United States and the United Kingdom. The yard symbol is yd (from English yard). One yard is also 3 feet or 36 inches.

Certainly, football fans should be familiar with this unit of measure. For example, if the narrator says it is the "second 10-yard climb," he means that it is the second attempt to travel the ball 10 times 0.9144 meters. You can observe the yard marking on the field, as shown in the image.

Yard Marking in American Football

The playing field of football is a rectangle 120 yards (109.73 m) long and 53 yards (48.76 m) wide.

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