Decoding the message

Read and decode the message below:

4S V3235 3U 4C0RD0 M310 M473M471C0.
D31X0 70D4 4 4857R4Ç40 N47UR4L D3 L4D0
3 M3 P0NH0 4 P3N54R 3M NUM3R05,
C0M0 53 F0553 UM4 P35504 R4C10N4L.
540 5373 D1550, N0V3 D4QU1L0…
QU1N23 PR45 0NZ3…
7R323N705 6R4M45 D3 PR35UNT0…
M45 L060 C410 N4 R34L
3 C0M3Ç0 4 F423R V3R505