Words derived from four

There are several words derived from the word four. In addition to the numbers four hundred, four thousand, fortieth, among others, we can mention:

Quadrangle - four-sided polygon.
Quadrant - arc corresponding to the fourth part of the circumference.
Quadruped - which has four feet.
Quartet - A piece of music performed by four voices or four instruments. In the case of the vocal quartet, the completing voices are soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
Four - space of four days.
Lent - is the space of forty days (since Ash Wednesday), not counting Sundays, which precede Easter Sunday. This period is devoted to prayers and fasting by Catholics.
Pint - the fourth part of a layer.
Quadrennium - period of four years.
Quadruple - multiplied by four; four times bigger.
Quadricellular - which is divided into four cells.
Quadriga - old vehicle drawn by four horses.