Number Three and the Sayings

There are several proverbs that involve the number three. Examples:

"Three times in jail is a gallows sign."
"Who goes to the party three days is no good."
"Three things change the man: Wine, study and woman."
"Secret of three the devil made."
"Three brothers, three fortresses."
"Company of three is bad."
"Secret of two, secret of God; secret of three, the devil did."
"One is little, two is good, three is too much."
"The fish must swim three times: in water, in sauce, in wine!"
"You don't take a Portuguese badly, for two or three."
"Wolf fortune three days lasts."
"Woman, fire and evil are evil."
"Fifteen-day bread, three-week hunger."
"The hedge lasts three years; the dog three hedges; the horse three dogs; the man three horses; the raven three men and the elephant three ravens."
"The guest and the fish at three days are boring."
"Three to load, load to floor."
"Three women and a duck have a fair."
"Three burning lights throw a house to waste."