Have fun with the Matkids, a space created especially for children. Here kids learn math in a relaxed way!

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in our Account Game. Each account you solve increases your rank until you become a Math Genius! Check out our other games too.

Beads game - to exercise the four basic operations.

Mathematical Archer (requires Flash Player) - help the archer to hit the fractions equivalent to the indicated fraction. Fun game with 40 levels.

Learn to Split (requires Flash Player) - split oranges between people. Hangman - guess words related to math. Word search - find and mark the words indicated on the board. Mathematical domino (to print) - choose content and run a ready-made dominoes game Crossword - fill in the blanks according to the tips.

Sharing with Helinho

Helinho's Mother's Cake

Decimal numbers
by Extenso

Counting Time
on a trip

Not Exact Division

What weighs more?

Field Trip

Parentheses in Operations

Buying Fruits
in the market

Check out other comic books sent by elementary students.

Roman numbering

History of mankind

Natural numbers


Android and Math