Olga Oleinik

Olga Arsen'evna Oleinik was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1925, and died in Moscow in 2001. He grew up in very difficult years in Russia, but despite the difficulties, he graduated in mathematics at Moscow University in 1947, where he continued his education. formation. He obtained his Master's degree in 1950 and his doctorate in 1954 at the Institute of Mathematics at Moscow University. His thesis was directed by Professor Petrovsky whose death occurred in 1973. Olga wrote about Petrovsky:

Petrovsky's knowledge was encyclopedic. He had a thorough knowledge of modern science and all its connections, was keen, able to discern long-term trends and to value them. He also showed a broad general culture, knowledge of various branches of science, a deep understanding of state problems in many excellent public and state activities.

In 1973, Olga became head of the Department of Differential Equations at Moscow University. Oleinik has won many awards and contributed greatly to math. He has written over 300 articles in mathematical journals and eight books. His main research concerns algebraic geometry, differential equations, physics and mathematics.

She has supervised many researches and was a consultant to over fifty mathematicians, of whom twenty obtained a doctorate. He built mathematical theories that applied to the filtration of liquids and gases in porous media. He studied Stefan's problem of heat distribution in bodies at different stages, as well as problems of elasticity and homogenization theory. His field of interest was quite wide. He has participated in many international congresses and seminars around the world. She is described by her colleagues as a woman of great charm and characterized by her sympathy and good relationship with others.

He is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the National Academy of Lynx (Italy), Academy of Sciences of Sachsische (Germany), Academy of Sciences of Palermo (Italy), Italian Academy of Sciences of Milan, honorary member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and Honorary Doctor of the University of Rome. He received a medal from the College of France and one from Charles University in Prague. He also received the Chebotarev Prize, the State Prize, the Lomonosov Prize, the Petrowsky Prize, and the Russian Academy of Sciences Prize. She is an Honorary Doctor at many foreign universities.