The journey of more and less

In a child's notebook
The more you met the less
They were the only ones there
They had no one
No numbers to talk to
One day they knew a better notebook
They knew the numbers
Which were divided into odd and even
But suddenly they disappeared
They were erased by an eraser!
They wanted to go to a place with good numbers.
They went to a math book
There they found the division sign
Talked to a triangle
That was angry equal fraction
Went to page one hundred
Looking for the first degree of the equation
More there they found
The sixth potentiation
But more and less
They wanted to know more
Find a better page
One that had plenty of signs
They arrived in one place
Which had spheres and trapezoids
And a rectangular box
But they really wanted to see
It is the perpendicular
Until on a page
They found a very good place
It was the perfect place
It was the fourth division
Your trip is over
There they found their home
The perfect place to live.

Daniel, Bruno and Laíza (8th graders)