This is the root
This little name arreto
But don't worry no
And don't be shy.

Pay attention my friend
I'll give you the recipe
To apply properties
And see how it is done.

If the index is equal
Keep the same root
Whatever it is
Write as it says

See the operation there
Lots of attention learner
If it is multiplication
Throw it into the root.

This was the first
Of four more properties
And the second, similar last
It just changes the purpose.

If the index is equal
Keep the same root
Being a division
Repeat the operation.

Just remember with love
Stop lero lero
Your denominator
It is nonzero.

How much complication
What's in the modern world
Changing letter by number
The thing looks like hell.

To better understand,
Review with ease,
Let's try to understand
What are the properties.

Let us then seek the principle
What is the operation
To lighten the beginning
Of such root.

Stay tuned my friend
That's what I'm going to talk about
To learn to divide
You have to know how to multiply

It's like this in math
And in any situation
When Christ put into practice
The miracle of multiplication.

Five loaves and two goldfish
It was a derisory number
And ate without thorns
All that auditorium.

It was over five thousand
Men, women, children,
Who was there also saw
So much abundance and wealth.

This account is complicated
And it has a lot of value,
In order to apply
It takes a lot of love.

Let's get back to focus then
For growth,
Learn root
It is the subject of the moment.

The third property
Speaks of an exponent
When above the root
It complicates our lives.

Do not tighten with the matrix
When this happens
Put inside the root
That the root will have.

Already on the fourth property
The thing contradicts itself
Learn without vanity
When is root from root.

It seems complicated then
Resolve this question
Just multiply the indices
Of this root.

And last we have left
Simplify the question
To apply the fifth property
Of such root.

Because not everything is what it seems
And not everything is complicated
Just say a prayer
Or apply the cat jump

In the case of mathematics
This is no different
Use your tactic well
Every number has exponent

Even when it does not appear
Look closely
Every number deserves it
The number one in exponentiation.

So being my boy
Study carefully
And see how it is capable
Such a transformation.

All this to talk about
Of such fifth property
That for good to apply
Let's pursue equality.

This by definition
Say it in your statement
That two numbers are equal
When well multiplied

If you multiply the index
By a natural number
And in the dividend you do
The same operation

You will see applied equality
In such root
And will keep the truth
If it is a division.

Using all this practice
You will have the explanation
Studying math
Applying Root.

João Pereira Barbosa